Artfile: Shinya Fujiwara

Photographer, writer, painter. Based in Tokyo, Japan.

The photograph that appeared on the cover of the Rain tree crow album (1990) brought about david’s first encounter with Shinya Fujiwara. Shinya went on to provide numerous images for the second volume of ‘Trophies’ with design by v23, beautifully complementing david’s lyrics. His images provide the artwork for ‘Everything and Nothing’, ‘Approaching Silence’, ‘Dead Bees on a Cake’ (the latter a commissioned work which was printed in a ltd edition by virgin records), the ‘Everything and Nothing’ Tour 01-brochure, and, most recently, the beautiful images that graced the cover of Harold Budd’s valedictory recording ‘Avalon Sutra’. Shinya’s been traveling for over 20 years and has became renowned for publishing some highly influential travelogues. His last solo show of photography in Tokyo had the highest attendance records in the history of the medium in his home country. He continues to publish numerous books of photography, non fiction, and fiction.







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