Artfile: Masakatsu Takagi

Artist, musician. Born 1979. Based in Kyoto, Japan.

Takagi's works are an extraordinary fusion of profound, universal, colourful pop video works and original music. His art effortlessly crosses over borders such as the art, music, clubbing, and fashion scenes. His CDs and DVDs are released from domestic Japanese and international labels; he's collaborated with Agnes b; had video installations exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; live concert tours around the world, and more. He's also collaborated with other artists creating video works for david sylvian, UA, Cornelius, etc., and music for dance performances. He was singled out as one of the top 10 creative artists 2006 by the respected video festival - RESFEST. In 2006 he will exhibit in France, Italy, Spain, and mexico.

Bloomy Girls (2005)

Light Pool (2004)

Pia Flies (2004)

Wave (2004)

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