Artfile: Russell Mills

Painter, illustrator, designer, audio artist. Based in Ambleside, England.

Russell and david have worked together for many years going back to 1983 with the first in a series of commissioned works, the art and design for Japan’s ‘Exorcising Ghosts.’ This was followed by such powerful collaborations as the art and design for ‘Gone to Earth’, ‘Trophies 1’, and the ‘Weatherbox’. In 1990 david and Russell along with the artist Ian Walton collaborated on the 'Ember Glance' installation (Tokyo, Japan) and the resulting publication. Russell contributed to David Toop's ‘Sonic Boom' at the Hayward Gallery, London, and continues to create installations (often in collaboration with Walton), and exhibit his work worldwide. He has also produced two audio cd releases to date under the name 'Undark'.
Publications include ‘Dark as Shark’, in collaboration with Brian Eno, and 'Ember Glance' with david and Ian.

Blue Tears

Cleave / Soft Bullets

Hold '04 - '05

Seed To Star '04

The Space of a Door '04

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