Artfile: Charles Lindsay

Photographer. Based in New York, USA.

Charles Lindsay photographs at the interface between nature and culture. It is his fascination with our relationship to the earth which connects all of his work - living with a rain forest tribe, traveling with turtle hunters, looking at his own experience of fly fishing or the culture of golf and it' s relationship to the natural world. His camera-less photographs and videos are a visual exploration of nature in an abstract sense, influenced by space and scientific imagery.

'sci-fi #005' from 'Sci-fi' Series

'sci-fi #006' from 'Sci-fi' Series

'sci-fi #010' from 'Sci-fi' Series

'sci-fi #2010' from 'Sci-fi' Series

'Shark. Kerala Coast' from 'Sub-continent' Series

'Power Plant, Andrah Pradesh' from 'Sub-continent' Series

'Pond Lilies' from 'Voices of the Land' Series

'Screech Owls' from 'Voices of the Land' Series

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