Artfile: Sachiyo Tsurumi

Artist. Based in Tokyo, Japan.

Tsurumi's works often consist of a combination of snap shot photography, drawings based on her dreams, and dreamlike experiences, memory, and the subconscious. She works with these images on multiple layers but resolves them in the one. The resulting work is very delicate and sensitive, creating a multi-dimensioned reality. She explores this approach further by working in a variety of media including digitally manipulated photographs, relief work, and installations. Following on from the exhibition 'WORM HOLE episode 2', and a solo exhibition at magical, ARTROOM, she is now preparing a solo exhibition at tanikado arts in Tokyo Japan.

Courtesy of tanikado arts
all rights reserved by Sachiyo Tsurumi

A Factory


Purple Sea


A Forest of the Townsfolk




In A Head


Horses with a Braid


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