Steve Jansen - The Occurrence Of Slope

P-Vine Records # PVDV-47 [DVD]

Part I (Slope) Live
1. Prelude (Opening Music)
2. Grip
3. Sleepyard
4. Cancelled Pieces
5. December Train
6. Sow The Salt
7. Gap Of Cloud
8. Playground Martyrs
9. A Way Of Disappearing
10. Ballad Of A Deadman
11. Conversation Over
12. Life Moves On
13. Playground Martyrs (Reprise)
Part II (Swimming In Qualia)
14. Ascent
15. Played Out (Closing Music)
Extra Contents (Passage)
1. Lingering
2. Dance Of Separation
3. Resistentialism
4. Noema

Steve Jansen's live performance in Tokyo Feb 29th 2008 - filmed in high definition. This Japanese import features the following:

The musicians onstage:
Steve Jansen (drums, keyboards, computer programming, string arrangements)
Keigo Oyamada (guitars)
Masakatsu Takagi (piano, keyboards)
String Quartet lead by Seigen Tokuzawa

Visuals by Shoko Ise.

Vocalists on screen during the performance:
Tim Elsenburg (Sweet Billy Pilgrim)
Thomas Feiner
Anja Garbarek
Nina Kinert
David Sylvian
Joan Wasser

Live content includes previously unreleased music as well as a live interpretation of the soundtrack Ascent written for Shoko Ise's film installation Swimming in Qualia. DVD extra features include exclusive, unreleased collaborative works by Jansen & Ise - 4 film shorts with looped playback.

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Steve Jansen - The Occurrence Of Slope

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Track 10. Ballad Of A Deadman

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