Nine Horses - Money For All

Samadhisound # sound cd ss010 [CD EP]

1. Money For All
2. Get The Hell Out
3. The Banality Of Evil (Burnt Friedman Remix)
4. Wonderful World (Burnt Friedman Remix)
5. Birds Sing For Their Lives
6. Serotonin (Burnt Friedman Remix)
7. Money For All (Version)
8. Get The Hell Out (Burnt Friedman Remix)

Money For All is the follow-up release to the highly acclaimed debut album from Nine Horses Snow Borne Sorrow (sound-cd ss006). Nine Horses is a collaborative project that brings together Sylvian, his brother Steve Jansen (ex-Japan), and the well respected German musician Burnt Friedman.

It features two new tracks, Money For All (the title of the EP), co-written by David and Burnt and Get The Hell Out by Steve and David. The EP also features remixes and interpretations by Burnt of three tracks from the Nine Horses album Snow Borne Sorrow (The Banality Of Evil, Wonderful World, and Serotonin) and alternative versions of the two new tracks plus the Japanese only released bonus track Birds Sing For Their Lives with Stina Nordenstam.

Presented in a digipak, with artwork by acclaimed Japanese artist Atsushi Fukui, and design by Chris Bigg, this release continues Samadhisound's commitment to creating beautifully packaged, stunning music.

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Nine Horses - Money For All

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Track 1. Money For All

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