David Sylvian - Blemish

Samadhisound # sound cdss001 [CD]

1. Blemish
2. The good son
3. The only daughter
4. The heart knows better
5. She is not
6. Late night shopping
7. How little we need to be happy
8. A fire in the forest

Sylvian's first release for his own Samadhisound label. Originally released in 2003.

An impromptu suite of songs for guitar, electronics and voice. An emotionally raw, minimal work, of immediacy and stark beauty with outstanding contributions from Derek Bailey and Christian Fennesz.

Produced, composed, performed, engineered by David Sylvian except Tracks 2/5/7 guitars Derek Bailey composed by Derek Bailey and David Sylvian, track 8 electronics and arrangement by Christian Fennesz.

Mixed by David Sylvian.

Recorded at Samadhisound Studio February - March 2003.

Derek's session engineered by Toby Hrycek-Robinson at The Moat.

Blemish was David's first solo album after Dead Bees On a Cake. He set aside a month to write and record the album whilst taking a break from the project that would ultimately become the Nine Horses album 'Snow borne sorrow'. He created an impromptu suite of songs for guitar, electronics and voice. The compositions were crafted from improvisational sessions captured live in the studio. Working almost entirely alone David created an emotionally raw, minimal work, of immediacy and stark beauty. Although there were elements in his previous body of work that hinted at the direction he was to take with Blemish, the work itself covered radically new territory in terms of process, the extremity of emotion explored via 'automatic writing', and in the seemly open ended nature of the compositions themselves. Adding to the intensity and air of experimentation is the presence of Derek Bailey. Three of the pieces included on Blemish were written with, and feature, the legendary free-jazz guitarist. The final track of the CD features a haunting electronic arrangement by Christian Fennesz.

A fuller list of David's releases can be found in the Discography section of www.davidsylvian.com

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David Sylvian - Blemish

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Track 8. A Fire in the Forest

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