Steve Jansen - Slope

Samadhisound # sound cd ss012 [CD]

1. Grip
2. Sleepyard, featuring Tim Elsenburg
3. Cancelled Pieces, featuring Anja Garbarek
4. December Train
5. Sow The Salt, featuring Thomas Feiner
6. Gap Of Cloud
7. Playground Martyrs, featuring David Sylvian
8. A Way Of Disappearing
9. Ballad Of A Deadman, featuring Joan Wasser and David Sylvian
10. Conversation Over
11. Life Moves On
12. Playground Martyrs (Reprise), featuring Nina Kinert

Slope follows Jansen's critically celebrated endeavour Nine Horses, with brother and long-time collaborator David Sylvian and electronica artist Burnt Friedman. As Jansen explains, "With this album I approached composition attempting to avoid chord and song structures and the usual familiar building blocks. Instead I wanted to piece together unrelated sounds, music samples, rhythms and 'events' in an attempt to deviate from my own trappings as a musician."

Presented in a digipak beautifully designed by our own Chris Bigg with exquisite cover art by Dan McPharlin the album features a number of intriguing collaborations with artists such as Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Joan As Policewoman (Joan Wasser), Thomas Feiner and David Sylvian.

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Steve Jansen - Slope

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Track 3. Cancelled Pieces

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