Derek Bailey - To Play: The Blemish Sessions

Samadhisound # sound cd ss008 [CD]

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Derek Bailey's final studio recording session, parts of which were used throughout Sylvian's acclaimed solo album Blemish.

Derek Bailey died on Christmas Day, 2005, aged 75, leaving behind a lifetime of collaborations, friendships, and a vast treasure hoard of recordings accumulated in fifty years during which he was one of the principle figures responsible for the rise of improvisation in music in the West.

"As fate would have it this was to be the last solo studio session Derek was to record before the onset of illness," recalls Sylvian. "That might make the session valuable in itself but it's the quality of the work that's outstanding."

Those familiar with Bailey's angular, spiky, minimal lines on Blemish will be surprised by the lush, melodic richness and density of Bailey's performance here, which has the same beauty and playfulness found on Bailey's most popular and accessible recent disk, Ballads.

Presented in a digipak featuring the beautifully and poignant photography of Derek, designed by Chris Bigg, this release continues Samadhisound's commitment to creating beautifully packaged, stunning music.

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Derek Bailey - To Play: The Blemish Sessions

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