Uncommon Deities

Samadhisound # sound cd ss022 [CD]

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Samadhisound releases Uncommon Deities, a reinvention of David Sylvian’s audiovisual installation, produced by Jan Bang and Erik Honoré and featuring performances by David Sylvian, Arve Hendriksen and Sidsel Endresen.

Presented in a 6 panel digipak (with a matte laminate finish) featuring artwork by Hannah Bertram, art direction by David Sylvian, designed by Chris Bigg, the standard edition CD comes with a credit sheet folded and inserted into the digipak itself. This is limited to a pressing of 3000 units.

The God of Single Cell Organisms
The God of Sleeplessness
The God of Silence
The God of Smaller Gods
The God of Small Caresses
The God of Black Holes
The God of Adverbs
The Ruminative Gap
The God of Crossroads
The God of Tiny Islands
The God of Gradual Abdication
I Swallowed Earth for This

Visit the Uncommon Deities microsite for more information.

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Uncommon Deities

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