Shipping rates

There is a minimum shipping rate of $4.00 per order. Subsequently the shipping is calculated as 15% of the total price of the products purchased. Additional amounts to this 15% are added to the shipping price per territory outside the USA. As follows:

$4.00 for Europe
$1.50 for Canada and Mexico
$7.00 for Asia and Rest Of World

The amount of shipping charged, is added to your order before you confirm your purchase at the checkout.

Note Regarding Shipping Fees Your actual shipping fee may vary from the value displayed above - read on for more information.  Shipping cost is calculated as 15% of total cost, with a $4 minimum - for US destination addresses. International Deliveries face additional charges:  Canada/Mexico:  add $1.50; Europe:  add $4.00; the rest of the world:  add $7.00.  Sometimes for larger orders we reduce shipping.  This varies dependent upon weight of items ordered.  If you choose to have the item send via Global Express (requiring a signature) please direct us to do so in the notes section.  This costs an additional fee depending on weight per order.

Note that, in rare instances, your actual shipping fee may vary from the value shown above, and may at times be reduced for large orders.

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