The Irish Times - Nine Horses "Money For All"


Two years ago, successful solo artist and former Japan frontman David Sylvian formed this new band with his percussionist brother Steve Jansen and keyboardist Burnt Friedman (Flanger), and released their superb, critically acclaimed debut, Snow Borne Sorrow. Money For All is their follow-up mini-album - part palimpsest, with re-interpretations of four songs from their debut (including the rolling Wonderful World and the urgent The Banality Of Evil) remixed by Friedman, and part scratch pad, with three new songs, Money for All, Get the Hell Out, and Birds Sing for Their Lives (with Stina Nordenstam), and all roiling with a fascinating combination of lyrical introspection and political commentary. With its sensuous rhythms, elegant melodies and Sylvian's signature resonant croon, Nine Horses' sound is a sophisticated, dynamic and surprisingly muscular fusion of jazz, world and electronica. Money For All is boldly cool and beautiful.

4/5 stars


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