Record Collector - Steve Jansen "Slope"


Slope Charms!
Although unlikely to attract newcomers, Slope is another exemplary example of former Japan drummer
Steve Jansen's craft. Words such as "skittering", "resonant" and "challenging" spring to mind. This is an intoxicating record, moving and emotional in all the right places. Anja Garbarek's jazz vocals add vibrancy and depth to 'Cancelled Pieces'. When brother David (Sylvian) takes the mic on 'Playground Martyrs', we are back to Secret Of The Beehive territory. Jansen's subtle string arrangement bolsters this fleeting highlight. Joan Wasser (Joan As Policewoman) adds her voice to 'Ballad Of A Deadman', a duet with Sylvian, which is as comforting as it is disconcerting. Even the bits that sound like one of your child's toys left turned on, droning pitifully in a trug at 3am, aren't bad, either. The perfect listen on the drive to Resonance FM's summer roadshow with your The Wire window sticker on your motor.


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