- David Sylvian "Sleepwalkers"


David Sylvian’s compilation of new and previously released material from the past decade is startling in its range and originality. The Noughties have seen the mercurial singer-songwriter foreground his signature croon as an instrumental force and melodic principle, best embodied in his 2003 Blemish and 2009 Manafon solo albums. His increasingly aleatory compositional approach has been informed by his longtime exploration of post minimalism, new jazz and electronic music. From the new title track and the previously unreleased collaboration Five Lines (with composer Dai Fujikura) to the spoken word compositions Angel and Thermal and the Nine Horses release Wonderful World , Sleepwalkers is a near-perfect recapitulation of Sylvian’s recent solo work, and a must-have for both committed Sylvian-ites and still curious Japan-philes. See
Download tracks: Five Lines , Wonderful World


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