Boomkat - David Sylvian "The Good Son vs The Only Daughter"


The convention for independent labels these days, even the most astute, seems to be to include a remix package of some decription as a scheduling pause for thought, a nice way of keeping your interest while new material readies itself for public consumption. Much like all those countless label samplers and compilations that have become a cursed staple of independent record labels, the remix album seldom extends its usefulness beyond a couple of listens, not to mention a couple of years. All of this makes it all the more remarkable just how utterly breathtaking this re-working of tracks from David Sylvian’s masterful last album “Blemish” is, establishing itself without any hesitation as the most engrossing, complete and utterly compelling remix album we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing across these pages. It’s not even that the lineup offered us any clues as to what to expect – submissions from Ryoji Ikeda and Akira Rabelais sitting alongside work from Burnt Friedman, Yoshihiro Hanno, Tatsuhiko Asano, unlikely contributors Readymade FC, Jan Bang & Erik Honore and shining newcommer Sweet Billy Pilgrim. What makes “The Good Son Vs The Only Daughter” so beautifully intangible is the invisible narrative that runs through it, press play, close your eyes and it sounds like one continuous mix of some of the most divine, varied and moving music you could possibly imagine, all accompanied by Sylvian’s larger than life presence. There isn’t one weak, repetetive or unnecessary moment to be found across all 50 minutes of this haunting listen – hard to fathom how this label has chipped itself into such a unique, peerless position over such a small number of releases. Unmissable.

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