Aftenposten - Steve Jansen "Slope"


Aftenposten - (Norway)

CD ArtPop 5/6

The first solo album from Steve Jansen is a very likeable affair. He plays with sound and prefers a crispy surface with nerves lurking in the basement .  This is art pop with experimental tendencies and rhythmic sanity, realised by a very competent programmer.  It is the vocalists who give the music a stroke of warmth, without challenging the cool elegance that runs through the tracks.  Anja Garbareks contribution is fragile on the border of transparent.  The melody lines she pulls on "Cancelled Pieces" are dew-fresh and springy, and she is surrounded by well thought-out good ideas.  Yes, I have hardly heard her better!  Tim Elsenburg and Thomas Feiner also make good characters, but the moment David Sylvian gives his voice to "Playround Martyrs" the meaning of the song falls into place.  Nina Kinert does an honourable version of the same song towards the end of the album.  Steve Jansen is an exciting leader.



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