Watch Thomas Feiner & Anywhen's "The Siren Songs" video


Thomas Feiner has just released a brand new video of "The Siren Songs" taken from the latest Samadhisound release "The Opiates - Revised". You can see it below, and here are a few words from Thomas about how the video came about:

"The Siren Songs always continued to evoke a lot of inner imagery for me, and I felt curious to see if I could get some of that out of my system. For practical purposes I knew it would have to be an animation, and as I have some limited experience in the field, I felt that it would no doubt amount to a rather daunting task requiring extra help. Accidentally I had previously stumbled upon the video works of Polish graphical artist Aubo Lessi and felt inspired by his abstract approach and sense of musical timing. We more or less ended up dividing the various movie sections between us in a process that involved illustration aswell as 3D-animation, not to mention extensive use of a very nice set of plugins from Swedish developer Trapcode."


Director: Thomas Feiner
Aubo's website:

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