Thomas Feiner & Anywhen, "The Opiates – Revised"


We're excited to announce the latest addition to the SamadhiSound catalogue; 'The Opiates - Revised' by Thomas Feiner & Anywhen (sound-cd ss013).

For the few that got to hear the original release of 'The Opiates' it was an absorbing, captivating experience featuring the deep, rich vocals of Thomas Feiner – but it was a project that'd once threatened to go unfinished. Whilst the album began as a group effort, the band Anywhen dissolved in the two years it took to complete – leaving Feiner to finish the project alone.

This revised, re-packaged and remastered edition of 'The Opiates' will be the first time many will have heard of the album or the artist Thomas Feiner (although a track was included on David Sylvian's 'The World Is Everything' tour book sampler cd). The release comes several years after Sylvian was introduced to the work, which he regards as something of a lost classic having only been released in a few territories. The addition of two new Feiner tracks have further strengthened what was already a remarkably beautiful recording. 

Sylvian recalls, "The dark, brooding, romantic nature of the material and, in particular, the emotional gravity of Thomas' voice, came as something of a surprise to me as it was quite out of keeping with my listening habits of the time but I couldn't help but be drawn into its widescreen, colour-drained, soundscapes."

Presented as ever in a beautiful digipak designed by Chris Bigg, featuring exquisite images of Jean Cocteau and Marcel Khill taken by Cecil Beaton.

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