the occurrence of slope live audio download


the soundtrack for steve jansen's live dvd 'the occurrence of slope' is now available from the samadhi sound download store in both mp3 and flac formats.

recorded in tokyo in february 2008 this release features performances from jansen, (drums & keyboards), keigo oyamada - aka cornelius (gtrs), masakatsu takagi (piano & keyboards) and a string quartet led by seigen tokuzawa, and includes the entire music from 'slope' plus a live rendition of the 24 minute ambient piece 'ascent' (part of a series of works entitled 'swimming in qualia'). also included is the opening and closing music composed by jansen, as well as track segues only available previously on the dvd.

the download is also bundled with credit sheets designed by chris bigg.

£7.99 Mp3 album
£9.99 FLAC album

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