Slope Remixes


Samadhisound is pleased to announce the immediate release of 4 special remixes from Steve Jansen's 'Slope' album available as downloads from the Samadhisound Store now.

Radical remixes of 'Ballad Of A Deadman' and 'Cancelled Pieces' by Steve Jansen.

A reworking of 'Conversation Over' by Tim Elsenburg aka Sweet Billy Pilgrim.

An alternative mix of 'Ballad Of A Deadman' by David Picking aka Rhinoceros.

Tracks can either be purchased individually for .99 or as a set of 4 mp3s for £2.99 or 4 FLACs for £3.99.

Purchasing all titles together will include a download credit sheet and pack shot designed by Chris Bigg.

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