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We are pleased to announce that a new track featuring David is available as a Pre-Order (actual release date 17th May), through samadhisound's online shop. The release is a new 12" vinyl single featuring the work of two acclaimed musicians - Burnt Friedmann and Jaki Liebezeit. This 12" release features a mix of one of the tracks from the very exciting forthcoming project that David Sylvian and Steve Jansen have been working on along with Burnt Friedman. The vinyl features 3 tracks by Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit, one of which is entitled "The Librarian" which was co-written by and features vocals from David. Though this is a different mix to the one that will appear on the Sylvian / Jansen / Friedman album album, it provides a hint of what to expect from the new record which is due later this year on samadhisound. For more, please click on SHOP below and then click on VINYL.

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