Message from David 05/04


I've recently returned to the US following the brief tour of Russia and Japan and the aftermath thereof. It was wonderful performing in Russia for the first time. Thank you to all that came to the shows in St Petersburg and Moscow, your warmth and generosity made us feel equally welcome in both cities. Returning to Japan felt something like a homecoming, falling in love all over again with this beautiful culture, reconnecting on a fundamental level for the first time in decades. Samadhisound held an evening at Super Deluxe, Tokyo on April 24th. Thank you to all those that turned out for the event, the DJs, VJs, and especially the performers Asano Tatsuhiko and Oguruisu Norihide. Thanks also to Sari Hayashiguchi for organising the event.

I don't intend to undertake any more tours for a while. There will be the odd one off dates here and there for special projects and collaborations, otherwise I'll be spending my time in the studio for the foreseeable future.

This year will see the release of a few 'one off' collaborations. Other than my vocal contribution I haven't actively been involved in the production of these pieces, nevertheless, the site will keep you updated as these and other projects near their release dates.

I'll be in touch.
God bless

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