New album on SamadhiSound

Harold's new album, 'Avalon Sutra,' on David Sylvian's SamadhiSound label is a complex work, with beautiful orchestrations. These include Budd's first string quartet compositions in over 30 years, of which he is 'shamelessly proud,' and they were the impetus for the entire album. 'Avalon Sutra' began when he first saw, in person, Billy Al Bengston's aluminum painting, 'Three Faces West.' The album also features the superb work of Budd's longtime friend, Jon Gibson, who contributes saxes and bass flute.

His new album, 'Avalon Sutra,' is a work he is very, very fond of, one he considers perhaps his most personal record ever, though he can't quite determine why. As for the people who love his work, he says, 'if they come to it and embrace it, then I presume it's for the same reasons that I do, and that we have a kind of a bond. It's always my intention to make it as pretty as possible. Devastatingly pretty. That's it.'

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