06.09.09: David Toop - Making Sounds

In this short film, Toop speaks about his ongoing fascination with sound and how digital technology affects its creation and reception. He also explains the genesis of the 'laptop orchestra' as we see it in action during a recent workshop for new members. view

08.12.06: Chair creaks, though no one sits there: decomposition and liquidity

A new essay by Toop has been posted to the Texts section. Click here to read.

01.11.06: Marcus Boon on Sound Body

Marcus Boon writes:
"David Toop’s Sound Body hums and glows with life, five gorgeous morphing electronic tracks that continue Samadhi Sound’s exploration of quiet, minimal, melodic music worlds created by the likes of Harold Budd, Akira Rabelais, Fennesz, Derek Bailey, David Sylvian and others. These remarkable soundscapes have only become possible in the twenty-first century, when improvisation, digital composing and mixing, and traditional music forms from around the globe all mutate and fuse in ways that surprise and delight."

Read the full text here.

01.11.06: Sound Body Released 19th February 2007

'Sound Body' by David Toop will be available 19th February 2007 on Samadhisound. An intricate work of enormous subtlety and power with contributions from a wonderful line up of musicians including Clive Bell, Haco, Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, Gunter Müller, Rafael Toral, and more.

Click here for David Toop's news archive.


David Toop - Sound Body

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