SS023: Stephan Mathieu/David Sylvian, Wandermüde

David Sylvian’s experimental breakthrough Blemish sees a new interpretation in the album Wandermüde, by the remarkable electroacoustic musician Stephan Mathieu. Working from the instrumental source material, Mathieu brings us a new experience of the most stirring textures and darkest thoughts from this pivotal album.

Mathieu first collaborated with Sylvian at 2011’s Punkt festival in Kristiansand, Norway, when he performed a live remix of Sylvian’s ambient classic Plight and Premonition. Sylvian recently began work on an iOS application to display a collection of his digital photography. He invited Mathieu to develop an ambient score for the application, using material from 2003’s Blemish.

Saffron Laudanum
Velvet Revolution
Trauma Ward
The Farther Away I Am (Minus 30 Degrees)
Dark Pastoral
Telegraphed Mistakes

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