David Sylvian "The Good Son vs The Only Daughter"

2005, sound cd ss005

1: The only daughter
Remixed by Ryoji Ikeda
Featuring: Fabienne Dussenwart: Flute.
Pascal Moreau: French Horn, Wibert Aerts: Violin,
Donminica Eyckmans: Viola, Jean-Paul Zanutel: Cello,
Ryoji Ikeda: Piano.

2: Blemish
Remixed by Burnt Friedman
Featuring: Hayden Chisholm: Clarinet.

3: The heart knows better
Remixed by Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Featuring: Alphonse Elsenburg: Clarinet.

4: A fire in the forest
Remixed by Readymade FC

5: The good son
Remixed by Yoshihiro Hanno

6: Late night shopping
Remixed by Burnt Friedman
Featuring Hayden Chisholm: Clarinet.

7: How little we need to be happy
Remixed by Tatsuhiko Asano

8: The only daughter
Remixed by Jan Bang and Erik Honoré featuring: Nils Petter Molvaer: Trumpet.

9: Blemish
Remixed by Akira Rabelais

On The Good Son vs. The Only Daughter Sylvian takes the Blemish recordings, and, in collaboration with a group of remixers including Ryoji Ikeda, Akira Rabelais, Burnt Friedman and Readymade FC, offers a set of radical re-workings of the originals, transforming them into yet unheard of delights.


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