Harold Budd "Perhaps"

2007, SOUND-DL 001

1: Templar
2: Tong War
3: Quandari
4: Vari
5: Nec Spero
6: Moss Landing
7: Chula
8: Atl Atl
9: Nec Meteus
10: Drita
11: Monument
12: Reini
13: Ghost Cloud

A beautiful live recording by Harold Budd performed as tribute to his late friend, and associate teacher at the then newly formed California Institute of Arts, Jim Tenney. The album, entitled 'Perhaps', was recorded live at CalArts in December 06, runs at an uninterrupted 70mins. Exclusively available as a Digital Download.

For further information on Harold Budd and to read Matthew Weiner's essay on Perhaps, please visit SamadhiSound's Harold Budd microsite.

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